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With Our Renowned White Label Solution. Our exchange platform provides a turnkey, all-in-one solution.

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Crypto Exchange

About PrimeQuotes

PrimeQuotes is a fin-tech company with a technology center.

We provide multi-asset liquidity and cutting-edge trading technology while maintaining a completely open environment. Prime Quotes is a global company providing world class trading technology offering banks, brokers, hedge funds and Crypto exchange platform.

Exchange Software

A white-label cryptocurrency exchange that allows businesses to save development time and costs.

Best In Class Web and Mobile Trading Platform

We offer a secure and feature-packed mobile trading app for both android and İOS apps for a seamless trading experience.

Crypto And Fiat Exchange License Included. SEC/FINRA Compliant

We grant license to obtain a crypto license to operate the exchange.Having a license will open the doors for you to cooperate with banks and other services.

Flexible And Extensible KYC/AML Module

We integrate KYC/AML Modules into the crypto exchange platform to securely authenticate users and prevent future disputes.
exchange software

Easy Digital Assets Processing And Custody

We provide hot and cold wallet storage where your investors can easily receive and securely store the necessary funds with your private keys.

Institutional Level Liquidity From The Start. All Major Fiat And Crypto

Liquidity is the most important factor we care about. It will be connected to external exhanges to provide higher liquidity to the bitcoin exchange.

Source Code Available For Most Demanding Applications

Our stable white label exchange software consists of an advanced matching engine where you can execute buy and sell orders instantly for your order book.
our white label offering gives you access to our industry partnerships and integrations. Through our extensive network, your business will be able to navigate otherwise-challenging hurdles such as liquidity, licensing, banking, custody, compliance, and more.

Web and mobile trader platform

  • Developable user interface with custom modules
  • A secure and feature-packed Mobile Commerce App
  • Quick Alerts and instant Notification management
  • Secure and Costless Server Deployment and Configuration
  • Unlimited service with multilingual support
Web and mobile 
trader platform

SEC/FINRA-compliant crypto and fiat cryptocurrency exchange license

We provide the necessary licenses for crypto exchange management in an easy way without exams.

  • We provide your site in compliance with the license
  • You start trading without having to take exams
  • We deliver your crypto exchange system with full solution
SEC/FINRA-compliant crypto and fiat cryptocurrency exchange license

Crypto white exchange is applicable to all industries, from entry level, Mid-Range to Enterprise-level companies.

Counted as a best-in-class Crypto exchange Platform Development solution provider, we make your Business dreams come true with the best development solution by carefully analyzing every single part of your requirements.


Easy digital asset processing and custody

Prime Quotes thinks beyond the security of digital assets. Provides digital bi-directional protection that can continue processing while protecting storage and processing possibilities from threats.

  • All transactions taking place on cryptocurrency trading platforms are encrypted which eliminates fraudulent activities.
  • You can defend the exchange platform against massive amounts of traffic from multiple sources with our cryptocurrency exchange script.
  • The data is fully encrypted during the transactions made on the white crypto exchange.
  • Restricts unauthorized access to the cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • With our cryptocurrency exchange script you can defend against massive amounts of traffic from multiple sources.

PrimeQuotes keeps all of your digital assets safe thanks to the security measures it provides. You always create a positive and safe environment with customers who can easily perform their transactions with the services you provide to your customers.

It is of fundamental importance to every owner of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other digital assets such as security tokens.

Easy digital asset processing and custody

Flexible and extensible KYC/AML module

Our turnkey know your customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) service module allows your staff to manually verify and approve new users. Withdrawal and deposit limits can be added to a user's KYC level and overridden as the case may be.

Thanks to integration with multiple KYC Modules, we take the security level to the next level.

Flexible and extensible KYC/AML module
Have any questions? We are always here to help.


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